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We use only the highest quality solar power panels, inverters, and batteries.


Sol-Ark Inverters

Leading in Innovation

  • Seamless transition between grid-tied and off-grid modes ensures uninterrupted power.
  • Engineered for compatibility with a variety of solar panels, optimizing energy harvest.
  • Rigorous testing ensures reliability and long-term performance.
  • High-quality enclosures ensure safety and durability in diverse conditions.

Sol-Ark inverters stand out for their hybrid functionality, offering both grid-tied and off-grid capabilities. These inverters are meticulously engineered to maximize solar harvest, enhance system flexibility, and provide real-time system insights. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, Sol-Ark inverters set a benchmark for adaptability and performance.

How do they Differ from Regular Inverters?

Unlike typical inverters, Sol-Ark’s hybrid inverters bridge the gap between grid-tied and off-grid functionalities, ensuring continuous power regardless of grid outages. With integrated battery management, they offer users the versatility to store excess energy or feed it back to the grid. Their adaptability makes them an excellent fit for a range of applications, from homes to businesses.

SolArk Inverter

Sol-Ark 15kW Inverter


Kilo Hollow has carefully chosen our partners and suppliers.

We are proud to be one of the few approved sonnen Certified Partners in Virginia. The solar products our team recommend are truly the best in Virginia.

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Solar Installation Across Virginia

We know the local codes and regulations inside and out, focusing on a select few markets in the industry and delivering excellence each time.

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