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Do Solar Panels Increase Property Value?

Solar panels can be incredibly cost-effective and have a positive impact on the environment all the while powering your home. There are many advantages to owning solar panels. You may not be aware that having solar panels on your property can cause your property value to increase. In fact, your property value will increase with any kind of solar installation. According to an article from Zillow, your property value will increase by approximately 4.1% when you go to sell. So the answer is yes, solar panels do increase property value.

Solar panels increasing property value

Solar panels increase your property value in multiple ways. Having solar panels can ultimately cut your spending on powering your house. Solar panels can be considered a long-term investment because of this. If you are looking to become more energy efficient and environment friendly while saving money, installing solar panels on your property may be the next thing you need to do!

The perks of solar

Homeowners who opt to add a backup battery or a generator can also see in increase in property value. Potential home buyers recognize the benefits of backup energy on demand. Kilo Hollow Energy does not offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), or solar leases, which makes the transfer of your system to a new owner very simple. Give us a call today, or send us an email to inquire about going solar!

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